Our leadership team constitutes a balanced and diverse group, well equipped to carry out its functions as a governing body on behalf of all stakeholders. It is led by several of the group companies’ most senior managers who are responsible for the long-term success of all business divisions.

Gary P. Warner
Non-executive Chairman
Gary is the Chairman of Vivier Group and outside of the group he serves as the Chief Executive of Nikau Global, a Partner at Palmetto Global Ventures where he heads the Banking & Finance department and is a Non-Executive Director of Simple Prime Ltd which is a Vero Intermediary. Previously Gary was the former General Manager of New Zealand based NZX listed company - Investment Research Group and a former Senior Advisor to Macquarie Group in Melbourne, Australia.
Luigi Wewege
President and CEO
Luigi is the President and CEO of Vivier Group, with his primary focus within the group to manage and grow its boutique financial services firm - Vivier & Co as its Chief Executive Officer. Outside of Vivier he serves as the Non-executive Chairman of Nikau Global an Auckland based international trade firm; as Partner/Director of Palmetto Global Ventures a bespoke financial management consultancy firm headquartered in South Carolina; and as an invited member of Boston, Massachusetts based non-profit The YEC.
Oscar Mendoza Natividad
Deputy Chairman and CFO
Oscar is the Deputy Chairman and CFO of Vivier Group, and his main responsibilities within Vivier is to lead the Finance & Accounting functions for Vivier & Co where he serves as President. Outside of this he serves as the Chief Financial Officer & Managing Partner of Mongolia Asset Management and as a Consultant to Ncondezi Energy. Previously Oscar was a former Board Member and Shareholder of Standard Investments as well as being on the Board of Directors of Infoactive.
Victor von Gierszewski
Executive Vice President
Victor is the Executive Vice President of Vivier Group & Deputy Chairman of its associated companies: Vivier & Co, Vivier Capital, Vivier Developments, Vivier Investments and Vivier Ventures. Outside of Vivier he serves as the Managing Director of Global Business Innovations, President of Nikau Global, Partner at Palmetto Global Ventures where he leads the investment division and is the Founder of House of Pies – Germany's first Pie Shop & Europe's first Pie Shop Franchise.
Thomas G. Daly
Senior Vice President
Thomas is a Senior Vice President for Vivier Group. Within Vivier he concentrates on business development for Vivier & Co where he serves as a Regional Managing Director primarily leading marketing efforts in Western Europe. Outside of the Group he serves a Senior Partner at Palmetto Global Ventures. Previously Thomas was a former Associate of Arrufat Gracia PLLC and worked for several years in Ireland's parliament in various senior positions.
Anita M. Kohn
Vice President - Human Capital
Anita is the Vice President of Human Capital for Vivier Group. Within Vivier she heads the human resources department for financial services division where she serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer. Outside of Vivier Group Anita is the Managing Director of Living in Space which is a high-end interior design, build and development company that focuses on encouraging people to live in a more sustainable manner.
Thomas J. O’ Rourke
Vice President & Chief of Staff to the CEO
Thomas is the Vice President and Chief of Staff to Vivier’s CEO. He is a risk management professional with 30+ years’ experience in operations and compliance, including 26 years’ concurrent service in the Air National Guard. Previously Thomas was an Assistant Director of the Bermuda Monetary Authority where he led a team focused on the prudential supervision of the local banking sector which has over $24 billion in considerable trust, investment and asset management activity.
Dr. Consuelo Goberna Selma
Advisory Board Member
Consuelo is an Advisory Board Member for Vivier & Co and serves as Chair of the audit committee. Outside of Vivier she serves as Group Leader in the Engineering and Process Control at The Institute of Catalysis & Petrochemistry, which forms part of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. She recently published research focused on the area of New Materials, Nanotechnology & Production Technologies, which won 1st prize in a competition organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Jana Backova
Corporate Secretary
Jana is the Corporate Secretary for Vivier Group. Previously she was a Financial Adviser at Fincentrum a large Prague based financial services company and served as a Representative of the Brandenburg Region in the European Union in Brussels. She is proficient in eight languages and holds a Master’s degree from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt, Germany and diplomas from the Goethe Institut e.V., München & University of Groningen, Netherlands.
Ali Hashemifar
Vice President - Compliance & Risk
Ali is the Vice President of Compliance & Risk, and outside of the group he serves as a Partner at Palmetto Global Ventures where he heads up the Compliance & Risk department and is also the Trade Finance Manager for Nikau Global. Ali is also a New Zealand Registered Financial Adviser, member of ACAMS: Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and is the author of Fixed or Variable Spread Brokers.
Natasha Radovsky
Vice President - Legal
Natasha is the Vice President - Legal for Vivier Group and its associated financial service company. Before joining Vivier she was the Director of Global Patent and Technology for Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing. Besides holding a Doctor of Jurisprudence, Natasha has an MBA from the University of California, Irvine - The Paul Merage School of Business, and a Master of Science degree from the National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic in Physics/Engineering.
Naveed Balouch
Vice President - Operations
Naveed is the Regional Managaing Director for Australasia for Vivier, and is the former Director of New Zealand Middle East Development Group and Commercial Manager of Orica. He holds a Masters in Management degree from the Asian Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Journalism & English from Punjab University. Additionally, he for many years held a FAA Commercial Pilot Licence and was a Commercial Pilot/Flight Instructor.