Vivier is a multinational banking and financial services group of companies, providing its select services worldwide through representation in jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and South America. The group companies comprise of Vivier Bank,
Vivier & Co, Vivier Capital, Vivier Developments, Vivier Investments,
Vivier Ventures & launching shortly Vivier Growth Fund.


About Us

Vivier Group consists of several international privately-held companies with investments concentrated in diverse sectors spanning: financial services, investment banking, healthcare, management consulting, property development and venture capital. Our holdings are varied and significant in scale, and we routinely invest for the long term and take an active operating role in all our developments and projects.


Our executive leadership constitutes a balanced and diverse group, well equipped to carry out its functions as a governing body on behalf of all stakeholders. It is led by a group of Vivier's most senior managers who are responsible for the long-term success of all companies.



Gary P. Warner
Executive Chairman


Luigi Wewege
President and CEO


Victor von Gierszewski
Executive Vice President


Oscar Mendoza
Deputy Chair and CFO


Thomas G. Daly
Senior Vice President


Anita M. Kohn
Vice President - HR

Latest News

Inside Vivier Group with Luigi Wewege

Recently, the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) which is an invite-only organization comprised of some of the world’s most dynamic and successful entrepreneurs spoke with the President and CEO of Vivier Group about his employee management and company culture plus some of his best advice on the hiring/recruiting process.

Jul, 20, 2016


Últimos días para contratar alguno de los mejores depósitos que no estará…

Si queremos algo más debemos de irnos “al extranjero” que andan como locos por captar dinero en España. En Europa están ofreciendo depósitos mucho más rentables que en España…

Jul, 17, 2016


President and CEO of Vivier Group – Luigi Wewege quoted

Recently in a Hungarian marketing article: „Habár mindennap kommunikálunk egymással, a sok teendő mellett mégsincs idő a személyesebb, informális beszélgetésekre. Ebben az évben mindenképp jobban és közelebbről szeretném megimserni az embereket akikkel együtt dolgozok.„

Jul, 15, 2016